Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Why don’t those weight loss supplements on the 
Dr. Oz show work for me??

Have you ever tried a weight loss supplement, and it only works modestly well, if at all? Sometimes the reason is that it’s not appropriate for everyone. For instance, Green Coffee extract supports the metabolism of carbohydrates and helps with insulin resistance, BUT if you are not insulin resistant, and already eat a low carbohydrate diet, it might not be for you- even though the promises make it sound like a magic bullet of weight loss.

As you know, we only carry the highest quality nutritional supplements, all backed by research, and one of our favorite lines is Pure Encapsulations. Pure is a leader in the nutritional weight loss industry, and have put together a website to help you target and identify what weight loss supplements might be best for you based on YOUR personal weight challenge!

You will find The Supplement Selector at :

And what we are really excited about is a new supplement form Pure that is designed to target that hard to lose fat, the adipose fat that sits deep in our gut and love handles. It’s called AdipoLean, and is formulated to help you feel fuller faster, as well as help with insulin and leptin resistance (how your body burns fat and turns off the hunger switch).
You can see why we are excited about this product!

If you would like to try AdipoLean,  you can purchase it directly from our wholesaler at 20% off . If you want to go over to, and identify other weight loss supplements for you, we will offer you 20% off of those as well.

Go to the “Supplements” tab on our site for ordering instructions and the codes you will need to set up your account and for the 20% discount:

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