Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September is National Yoga Month! **Special Offer**

Today's article written by yoga instructor Amy Arnold
It’s time to roll out your yoga mats and start the yoga party!!!
And by yoga party, I am not talking about beer and late nights; I am talking about Downward Dogs, Warriors, Crescent Lunges and Handstands.
For all of you that have been thinking about trying yoga but it “wasn’t the right time”, National Yoga Month is the perfect time to start your yoga practice!

Let's kick off National Yoga Month by talking about 5 amazing benefits of yoga:

  1. Increased Flexibility
A lot of people will say they don’t do yoga because they aren’t flexible. The truth is, doing yoga will help increase your flexibility. You may not be able to touch your toes your at first but with a regular yoga practice you will notice your muscles loosening up! Keep at it, you will be amazed at what your body can do!

  1. Improved Balanced
Yoga requires concentration and focus to hold poses.  You will find that all poses help with balance, even the ones that don’t seem like they would, like Easy Seated position. Standing poses like Tree, Chair and Warrior III definitely make you feel like you are balancing.  The best part is , you can use a chair, counter top or even a wall to practice these yoga poses. Over time, you will find your balance improving to where you will not need to use assistance.

  1. Reduce Stress
Yoga is all about a mind-body connection. Since yoga brings together mental discipline and physical movements to achieve a peaceful state, you will find yourself relaxed and able to manage stress in your life better.

  1. Better Posture
The poses in yoga focus on getting your body into proper alignment. The beautiful thing about yoga, is you work your way into poses on your own time and at your own pace. At first, you may feel awkward getting into a pose but over time, you will easily flow into poses and see your posture improve.

  1. Anyone Can Do Yoga
You read that correctly, anyone can do yoga! There are yoga classes that cater to seniors, prenatal, mommy & me, kids, teenagers, cancer patients, and beginners. That is one of the many beautiful things about yoga, no matter where you are in life or your physical ability, you can practice it!
Still on the fence about trying yoga?
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