Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Putting old cell phones to good use!

What do you do with YOUR old cell phones?
Look at what you CAN do:

Donate them to Cell Phones For Soldiers

There are over 30 phones in our latest shipment, and we have shipped over 50 pounds of phones to them since becoming a donation site. Thanks for your donations and for helping us spread the word about this organization and their programs dedicated to serving troops and veterans.

Since 2004 the Minutes That Matter program has had a simple mission: to help troops call home, at no charge. Your generous donations have fueled this mission. Thanks to you, they’ve been able to provide more than 220 million minutes of free talk time by sending more than 3 million calling cards to servicemen and women and recycling more than 11.7 million cell phones. Each contribution worth $5 enables them to provide 2.5 hours of talk time for America’s bravest men and women. Every one of these precious minutes is possible because of you.

Helping Heroes Home is able to provide one-time emergency grants to aid veterans making the transition back into civilian life. Since July 2012, you’ve helped more than 2,800 veterans overcome communication challenges and physical, emotional and assimilation hardships with communication services, imperative car repairs, rent payment to avoid eviction and more.

It is our honor and privilege to continue to serve as a drop off site for Cell Phones For Soldiers. Drop off your old phones at the pharmacy from 10am – 6pm, Monday – Friday.