Thursday, October 25, 2018

What to do with all that Halloween candy!

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Halloween is here and if you’ve got kids, you know the ultimate goal is to trick-or-treat at as many houses as possible during a few fun and spooky hours and score the most impressive candy haul anyone has ever seen! While that is some good harmless fun, eating all of that candy isn’t recommended and probably not what you want for your kids.  So aside from eating it yourself (you know- to save your kids' teeth 😉 ) what can you do?

Consider one of many  Candy Buy Back programs that will purchase your Halloween Candy and donate it to our US Troops, local food banks, orphanages and homeless shelters! It’s a wonderful way to feel good about the marathon trick-or-treating, knowing you’ll be giving a portion back to the less fortunate and those who could use a smile only your favorite candy is capable of producing.  Find a list of locations near you who participate: CANDY BUY BACK PROGRAMS

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!