Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Is Your Pet In Pain?

Our pets feel pain for many of the same reasons we do, such as arthritis, injuries, dental problems, cancer, etc. Since animals are unable to tell us how when they hurt, it’s important to look for subtle changes in your pet’s appetite or sleeping, or behavior changes such as excessive panting, whining, restlessness, trembling, difficulty moving, licking or chewing an area of the body, aggression (especially in a previously friendly pet), and changes in posture. 

If you suspect a problem, always check with a veterinarian before medicating your pet. Some human drugs like acetaminophen and additives such as xylitol are toxic to animals. 

When your cat or dog needs medication, Live and Learn Compounding Pharmacy can work with you and your veterinarian to customize a medication that’s easy to administer and safe for your furry friend.