Sunday, July 7, 2013

Protect Your Right to Personalized Medication



"My autistic child needs an herbal combination to help her sleep without artificial sweeteners. And it has to taste like raspberry. And can you make it blue?"

"My father has arthritis, but was just told to stop taking his medication because it was causing too many stomach problems."

"My premie baby needs medication for his lungs, but it's only available in a tablet that is impossible to give him, and besides, it is 20 times the dose he needs!"

"This medication works great, but I can't take it any more because it uses lactose as a filler and I am lactose-intolerant"

"My cat needs thyroid medication, but there is no way I can get a tablet into him!"

"My doctor just told me that the drug company stopped making my migraine medicine-- it was the only thing that helped my headaches."

"The 10mg capsule is not enough, and the 20mg capsule is too much. I need 13.5mg!"

These are the kinds of phone calls we get every day in our compounding pharmacy. I love the opportunity to be able to help patients find ways to overcome the obstacles standing between them and the therapies they need. We compound prescriptions for hormone replacement therapy, pets, patients suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder, chronic pain and other conditions.

Unfortunately, there is Proposed legislation that may seriously restrict access to compounded medication.

 Learn more and take action:
Please hurry-- these bills are to be voted on by July 17, 2013!


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