Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sneaky Fitness

Are you a busy person? Bet you are. I know I am. I won't bore you with my list of "time thieves"; we all have the same 24 hours and have to dole out the minutes as we see fit. But the one thing we all seem to have in common is that there never seems to be enough time to accomplish all the things we'd LIKE to do after doing all the things we NEED to do.

I know I should exercise 45 minutes every day thanks to about a billion fitness gurus, most convincingly Mr. Crowley & Dr. Lodge( of "Younger Next Year" fame). I usually read these recommendations like I do a science fiction story : " That would be great, but it's never gonna happen!" So, there's the rub:

How can busy people  create some healthy habits ?


My answer: BE SNEAKY!
Here's what I mean : Small, really little, changes that can add up during the day. Not meant to take the place of a really good workout routine- sorry- but little changes that can help you develop the habit of thinking about your health.

Like what? Here's one: you know those old ankle weights that are buried in your personal History of Fitness Equipment Museum ? Why not wear them under your slacks or jeans? To work, to the grocery store, to the one can see them and you're adding a little Sneaky Fitness to something you already do... get it?

What about some Sneaky Fitness at work? What if you work from home? Surely you can think of something you can do just a little differently.
So where can you put some Sneaky Fitness into your busy routine?  Here's a great example:

Sneaky Fitness trip to the grocery store.

First, you have to park. No, not that first space really close to the door. Park at the far end of the row. (You already know this one, but how often do you really do it?) Walk. Bonus Sneak: you're wearing those ankle weights, right?

Are you going to use a cart? Bonus Sneak :Grab one from the cart return as you go by and push it in with you.

In the store, don't take your cart up and down the aisle. Park it at the end of each aisle, walk to your items and carry them back. Bonus Sneak: One item in each hand, even if it means a couple of trips.

Push your own cart out to your car and load your bags in yourself. Push your empty cart to the cart return. Bonus Sneak: take your cart all the way back inside the store.

When you get home and take the groceries inside, instead of grabbing as many bags as you can to decrease the amount of trips you make, take only one or 2 in each hand--more trips back and forth = more walking! Bonus Sneak: instead of hanging your arms straight down, bend your elbows and work those biceps.

When you take off the ankle weights, do a few tricep kick-backs or extensions .

See what I'm getting at? Nothing big, earth-shattering, or mind-blowing here. Just a few small things that can add up to some healthy differences.

Hope you're thinking about places where you practice Sneaky Fitness : at work and home, mall, little league field ...wherever life and your schedule take you!

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