Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It should not be illegal to speak about nutrition and diet.
But this may soon be the case if we don’t act now!

There currently exists an idiotic Nutrition and Dietetics Law in Michigan that would outlaw anyone but Registered Dietitians from discussing nutrition and diet with the public.  Running afoul of this law could cost one fines of thousands of dollars and result in a jail sentence.  This would mean that your doctor or favorite pharmacist (wink wink) could not talk to you about important health information. Can you imagine—someone going to jail because he/she recommended a particular diet or supplement to somebody?

This law needs to be repealed—NOW!

Need more convincing? The Michigan Dietetic Association is sponsored by McDonalds (just scroll down to the bottom of their homepage).

I am not minimizing the education and healthcare contributions of Registered Dietitians . In fact, I often refer patients to Dietitians .  What I and others have pointed out is that the discussion of nutrition and diet should not be limited to one trade group.

The ridiculous Michigan Dietetics Licensure Law may finally be repealed.  The repeal passed the Michigan House last year.  The Senate Regulatory Reform Committee passed HB 4688 Repeal of the Dietetics Licensure Law last week. The Michigan Senate will be voting on it this week.

Why should we care if we don't live there?  These things have to start somewhere. Don't doubt for a second that once someone figures out have to make money from a law like this, it will spread like wildfire.  What do you think will happen to the cost of supplements if every one that currently carries them has to hire a Registered Dietitian?

It is important to make your views known.  Residents of Michigan need to call their Senator and tell him/her to vote “yes” on HB 4688.  They can find their Senator here:

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