Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Curb Those Hunger Cravings!

Help For Your Hunger

CRAVINGS are one of the biggest challenges for people looking to get weight off, and - most importantly- KEEP the weight off.

Cravings come in all different shapes, sizes, times of day, and for different reasons.

Cravings may be:
·         That afternoon urge for something sweet
·         Difficulty turning off the hunger switch with whatever you are eating
·         Taking “just one more bite, that leads to another, and another”
·         That snack right before bedtime
·         …and more

But don’t worry, Nutrition Can Help!  Which Craving(s) Describe You The Best?

Check all that apply. Each statement is followed by a recommended supplement (s). The one which appears the most, is most likely the one which can help you the greatest.

1.    I have carbohydrate cravings on a regular basis- (Lo-Glycemix or CarbCrave Complex)
2.    I crave all types of food, not just carbs- (Satiet-ease)
3.    I would like to feel fuller faster to help me eat less- (Lo-Glycemix, Satiet-ease)
4.    I could use some help with my mood- (Satiet-ease, CarbCrave complex)
5.    I currently take an anti-depressant such as an SSRI or MAOI (drugs that influence serotonin levels)- (Avoid Carb Crave Complex)
6.    I suffer stress induced fatigue in addition to cravings- (CarbCrave Complex, Satiet-ease)
7.    I have elevated blood sugar (Optimal is 75 to 85)- (CarbCrave Complex, Lo-Glycemix)
8.    Due to lifestyle or work obligations, I sometimes find myself in social situations where I might be eating more carbohydrate type foods or drink than normal- (Lo-Glycemix)
9.    In regards to stress, I would like something to help “take the edge off”- (Satiet-ease, CarbCrave Complex)

Satiet-ease-*Unique formula providing support for satiety, food cravings, and mood.  In addition, it can serve as a general formula for supporting emotional well-being and moderating occasional stress.
Lo-Glycemix- *Moderates carbohydrate absorption, converts starch rich meals from a high to low glycemic index, and helps lessen appetite.
CarbCrave Complex- *Designed to help curb excessive carbohydrate intake and to help moderate appetite by supporting healthy brain chemistry and mood.

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 *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and is not a substitute for recommendations by your primary care practitioner.